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Access for Academics


Classroom Training/Comments

Print attendees photos
Print roster with photos of the attendees, so you know the studentĀ“s faces and names before entering the classroom
Scheduling Classes/Sessions
You get to schedule your online classes in Access
You, as an Access admin, can manage the complete registrations and cancellations within the Access
Wait list
Wait listed students can be auto promoted or manually promoted; includes email notification
In the report and tracking area, the Administrator can track attendance status.
-sheet printing
The system allows for class rosters, and appraisals from the instructor standpoint related to the performance of a student in a classroom course.
Resource scheduling
You get this as an inbuilt feature in the Access
Course Material Access
You can upload the following types of training materials: Video, HTML files, slide converter, tests, surveys.

Communication Tools/Comments

Notifications via emails
Access allows you to send the email notification to the users regarding course update, upcoming event, webinar, etc.
Notifications inside platform
You get to set triggers according to the requirement
You get to option to enrol into the monthly newsletters
Calendar allows the admin to set the notification for upcoming events, webinars, courses, quies etc. It will be reflecting on the user profile
Upcoming events
You can get your users to take note of the upcoming events

Course Content / Comments

Book - Multi-page resources with a book-like format. Teachers can export their Books as IMS CP (admin must allow teacher role to export IMS)
Paradiso Access allows the admin to add e-book as a part of courses
File - A picture, a pdf document, a spreadsheet, a sound file, a video file
Admin gets to add files to easily uploaded to the Access as part of the course
Folder - For helping organize files and one folder may contain other folders
You can have folder option in the course to add the additional material in an organised manner
IMS content package - Add static material from other sources in the standard IMS content package format
All the content you have in the IMS content package format can be uploaded to the Access
Can be a few displayed words or an image used to separate resources and activities in a topic section, or can be a lengthy description or instructions
Page - The student sees a single, scrollable screen that a teacher creates with the robust HTML editor
Your users can see a single, scrollable screen HTML page as a part of the course.
You can send the student to any place they can reach on their web browser, for example Wikipedia
SCORM 1.2, 2004
Access is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant
Access is AICC compliant
Access is LTI compliant
You can embed YouTube videos and add interactions to the video
You can embed Vimeo videos and add interactions to the video
Upload Videos
You can upload MP4 format videos easily to the Access
Embed any video or html code
You can either upload a video in MP4 format or Embed using a link
Flash files
You can upload and embed flash files

Course Interactions/Comments

Both general discussion forum(social wall) and course based forum are available in the Access
Chat feature is available in the Access. Via this feature, the users can interact with each other.
There are feedback and survey tools available in Access
Alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms
A wiki page is a web page any user in the Access can create together, right in the browser, without needing to know HTML
Workshop is a peer assessment activity with many options. Your students can submit their work via an on line text tool or attachments.
Social Wall
Social wall allows post submission interface, timeline of posts, filtering of the timeline and integration with Access's activities and resources.
Create check list for onboarding or pre-requisites or anything you want
Custom forms
These give you the ability to create custom forms with custom fields
Knowledge base
This gives you the ability to create knowledge base with moderation required from admins

Course Creation Process/Comments

Easy to Use course creation Wizard
You get a 3 step course creation wizard with lot of atteractive features
You can upload Youtube videos in the Access in the MP4 format or embed link
Different types of course formats (Tabs, Grid, Social, Topics etc)
Access supports different types of course format which also includes (Tab, Grid, Social Topics, Discussion Forums etc.)
Support for Classroom, virtual, elearning and social learning
In Access, you get exhaustive support for classroom, virtual, elearning and social learning.
Location base training
You get to set location based training sessions in the Access
Bulk Enrolments
You can create Cohorts(Bulk Users) and enroll them to a course or many courses
Blended and Online Learning
You can use a mix of Instructor Led training or live virtual classroom along with online learning
Guest Access
You, as the Access admin, can allow guest access to the users in the login settings
Competency based course allocation
Access gives you the option to allocate courses based on competency
Web Services Support
You can build custom applications by calling Access support services
API Documentation
Access provides exhaustive REST API documentation and support